Gerrit is a web-based code review tool built on top of the git version control system

Gerrit is intended to provide a light weight framework for reviewing every commit before it is accepted into the code base. Changes are uploaded to Gerrit but don’t actually become a part of the project until they’ve been reviewed and accepted. In many ways this is simply tooling to support the standard open source process of submitting patches which are then reviewed by the project members before being applied to the code base. However Gerrit goes a step further making it simple for all committers on a project to ensure that changes are checked over before they’re actually applied. Because of this Gerrit is equally useful where all users are trusted committers such as may be the case with closed-source commercial development. Either way it’s still desirable to have code reviewed to improve the quality and maintainability of the code. After all, if only one person has seen the code it may be a little difficult to maintain when that person leaves.

via Gerrit Code Review – A Quick Introduction.

This is like something that may be worth doing to help make sure at least one other person is looking over code before it gets committed. Deploying code that only one of us has ever seen is a bit of a problem around here especially when it fails.