The rise of containers sparks #GIFEE and changes the world

This may sound a bit like an older technology called virtualization, but tools like DC/OS and Kubernetes takes things much further. For one, they can run massive quantities of software far more efficiently than virtualization ever could. “The magic of the container world is that the computational overhead is far less than full virtualization,” says Mike Stoppelman, the senior vice president of engineering at Yelp, which now runs its operation at DC/OS. “Even today, moving around a 20 megabyte container is so much easier than moving a 100 megabyte virtual image … and the network traffic created by this stuff is an order of magnitude less.”

— You Want to Build an Empire Like Google’s? This Is Your OS | WIRED

Good article that covers the basics of the new containerized world and serves as an introduction to the concept of “Google infrastructure for everyone else” . I think this is the future.