Open Law Library Asks “Why isn’t there a Google for the law?”

It’s the difference between searching Google for “weather right now” or “Chinese restaurants”, and “I’m being evicted, what are my rights?”. The first two queries reliably provide accurate information about current weather conditions and nearby Chinese restaurants for most people. But the top result for someone trying to avoid eviction is a website from the UK, even for searches made from the US. At best, this information from another jurisdiction isn’t very helpful. At worst, it might mislead someone on the edge of eviction into a false sense of security if the UK offers greater protections for tenants than wherever they live.

Source: Open Law Library – Why isn’t there a Google for the law?

A very good question of course and one that many have been trying to answer since before there was a Google. I’ve been a bit out of the loop for a couple of years so I probably missed the launch of the Open Law Library. Looks like an interesting approach. Anyone out there have more info to share?