Docker Guide: Installing Traefik – a Modern Reverse Proxy for Microservices

Traefik is a modern HTTP reverse proxy and load balancer for microservices. Traefik makes all microservices deployment easy, integrated with existing infrastructure components such as Docker, Swarm Mode, Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, Rancher, Etcd, Consul etc.

Traefik serves as a router for all your microservices applications, routing all client requests to correct microservices destination

Docker Guide: Installing Traefik – a Modern Reverse Proxy for Microservices

That time I was purged from the voter rolls in Georgia for not being a US citizen

Back in July of 2010 I showed up at my local library to vote. The big race that year was for governor of Georgia. I detailed what happened next on Facebook at

Basically my voter registration was purged because I was flagged as a non-citizen. Thousands of other voters were purged in the spring of 2010 one of the first official acts of the newly appointed Secretary of State Brian Kemp, the likely next governor of Georgia. I had to complete a provisional ballot after being told by a poll worked that I should just go home. I spent a day slogging through various state and county offices waving my birth certificate and passport convincing beleaguered and confused bureaucrats that I was indeed a citizen of the United States of America. The experience was infuriating and humiliating.

I had to get a new driver license even though I still had several years left on the one held at the time. If I had been pulled over for any reason prior to the point my citizenship was restored, the officer who stopped me would have been able to hold me indefinitely because the state’s computer systems had flagged me as an undocumented non-citizen subject to deportation. It was not funny and the ease with which the state could flag me for detention is extraordinarily disturbing.

Since the Republicans have been in power in Georgia they’ve worked very hard to keep people from voting. Of course the best remedy for that is to actually get out and vote for Democrats.

A Guide to Using Android Without Selling Your Soul to Google :: Gizmodo

Welcome to your new (or factory reset) Android phone! The prompt to sign in with Google arrives about five screens in, after you’ve chosen your language and connected up to wifi. When you’re prompted to sign in, hit Skip instead, then hit Skip again to confirm that yes, you really do want to use Android without a Google account.

A Guide to Using Android Without Selling Your Soul to Google :: Gizmodo

Lots of good tips is you want to avoid being a Google product. I’ve tried this sort of thing and it’s tough to do given how tightly Google is woven into Android

Future of Independent Law Schools Is in Peril | New York Law Journal

It’s hard out there for an independent law school.
The number of law campuses that aren’t attached to larger universities is slowly dwindling amid closures and mergers, and several stand-alone campuses are fighting for survival. The seven-year downturn in legal education, which appears to be coming to an end, hit independent law schools especially hard because they can’t tap into university funds to tide them over in lean times. Many independent law schools also experienced sharper enrollment declines than their university-affiliated counterparts.

Future of Independent Law Schools Is in Peril | New York Law Journal

New UGA study finds students do better in class using OER instead of pricey commercial textbooks

A large-scale study at the University of Georgia has found that college students provided with free course materials at the beginning of a class get significantly better academic results than those that do not.

The Georgia study, published this week, compared the final grades of students enrolled in eight large undergraduate courses between 2010 and 2016. Each of these courses was taught by a professor who switched from a commercial textbook costing $100 or more to a free digital textbook, or open educational resource, at some point during that six-year period.

Source: Measuring the impact of OER at the University of Georgia :: Inside Higher Ed

This sort of study needs to be done at the post graduate level. I’m not surprised by the results since providing OER helps reduce the cost of education, and lowers the stress of having to pay for books out of a limited budget.