Berkman’s TagTeam is an open source feed aggregator and tagging system

TagTeam is an RSS / Atom / RDF aggregator with the ability to filter and remix its input feeds with a high degree of flexibility.

Items can be added directly to TagTeam “bookmarking collections” via the provided delicious-like bookmarklet, and these items can be remixed and filtered like any other item.

TagTeam can aggregate content from anything that emits RSS, Atom, or RDF. This includes delicious, zotero, WordPress, twitter, mediawiki, connotea, blogger, github, and too many other applications and services to mention. It uses the feed-abstract gem, written as part of this project to create a better way of dealing with structured feeds. feed-abstract understands some generators and does magical things – like turning twitter hashtags into actual tags on aggregated items.

TagTeam can import Delicious and Connotea backups directly into a bookmark collection, and will support more formats soon.

Remixed feeds are available as RSS 2.0, Atom, and jsonp output and can be viewed directly in a hub. Feeds, FeedItems, and Tags can be added and removed from a Remixed feed contextually within the application.

tagteam/README.rdoc at master · berkmancenter/tagteam · GitHub

Learn to make Vietnamese beef pho in record time

When a fast beef pho is in order, try this recipe. To let pho aromatics and spices shine, mix beef and chicken broth. The combination creates a lighter, appropriate canvas for painting a pho profile. Broths that taste like beef or chicken and not much else work best.

Thinly sliced roast beef sold at deli counters is fabulously convenient, and because it’s minimally seasoned, it plays well with the pho flavors. Leftover cooked steak is terrific, too.

Learn to make Vietnamese beef pho in record time

Harvard’s Berkman Center To Stop Running Groundbreaking Blogging Network

With these two sets of issues in mind, we will end our operation of the platform in favor of a new platform managed by Harvard University’s Information Technology team. Specifics of that transition are being worked out, and we expect to roll out plans in collaboration with HUIT over the coming weeks.

Upcoming Changes in the Blogs.Harvard Blogging Platform | Weblogs at Harvard

This pioneering network of blogs was initially spearheaded by Dave Winer during his tenure as a Berkman Fellow back in 2003. The network was initially powered by Userland Manilla and was eventually migrated to WordPress. It is unclear what will happen to the one of the oldest blogging networks still in use today.

Aurora Serverless MySQL Generally Available | AWS News Blog

You may have heard of Amazon Aurora, a custom built MySQL and PostgreSQL compatible database born and built in the cloud. You may have also heard of serverless, which allows you to build and run applications and services without thinking about instances. These are two pieces of the growing AWS technology story that we’re really excited to be working on. Last year, at AWS re:Invent we announced a preview of a new capability for Aurora called Aurora Serverless. Today, I’m pleased to announce that Aurora Serverless for Aurora MySQL is generally available. Aurora Serverless is on-demand, auto-scaling, serverless Aurora. You don’t have to think about instances or scaling and you pay only for what you use.

Aurora Serverless MySQL Generally Available | AWS News Blog

Lynyrd Skynyrd announce live album with special guests | Louder

Live In Atlantic City is released on September 21. It’ll be available as a limited edition fake leather CD+Blu-ray digipak, double LP, DVD, Blu-ray and across the digital platforms.

Track Listing

1. Workin’ For MCA
2. Red White And Blue (Love It Or Leave)
3. Gimme Three Steps
4. The Real Thing (feat. Bo Bice)
5. Gimme Back My Bullets (feat. Bo Bice)
6. Down South Jukin’ (feat. Hank Williams Jr.)
7. Born To Boogie (feat. Hank Williams Jr.)
8. That Smell (feat. 3 Doors Down)
9. Kryptonite (feat. 3 Doors Down)
10. Saturday Night Special (feat. 3 Doors Down)
11. Call Me The Breeze
13. Sweet Home Alabama
14. Free Bird

Lynyrd Skynyrd announce live album with special guests | Louder