Knoppix on a USB Key

Australian PC World::Knoppix in your pocket: this month, Alastair Cousins installs Knoppix onto a USB key drive, making it even more portable.USB keys have become a really cheap method of storage, and have reached sizes up to 2GB. In this month’s column, I’ll show you how to install Knoppix–a distribution of Linux that runs entirely from CD–on a USB Key drive, making it even more portable.

Available through Westlaw, password required.

OS XML Editors Examined

NewsForge | Open source XML editors examined
The eXtensible Markup Language (XML) provides a flexible and efficient way to store, transmit, and express data. Many applications have adopted it as their sole data format, and the availability of comprehensive XML development libraries makes it easy to add support for XML to new and existing applications. The open source community has produced an impressive lineup of XML editing utilities. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the most useful.

Good, short reviews of OS editors with XML capabilities. Most live in the Linux world, but some have Win32 versions.

Yahoo Opens Access to APIs

InfoWorld: Yahoo opens up search platform to external developers: March 01, 2005: By : APPLICATIONS : DATA_MANAGEMENT
With the launch on Tuesday of the Yahoo Developer Network, Yahoo is providing access to application programming interfaces (APIs) for a variety of its search services, including Web, image, video, news, and local search.

Meanwhile, Yahoo is also broadening access to the Overture APIs, which have been available to high-volume advertisers for several years. Now, other types of Overture users, such as search-engine marketers and smaller advertisers, will be allowed access to the APIs.

You can register as a developer here.

Searchers Go for One More…

BetaNews | Study: Searchers Use Multiple Engines
58 percent of Google users use a second search engine, the lowest of the top three search engines, while 70 percent of MSN users and 71 percent of Yahoo users turn to another of the top three.

Blocking Google Toolbar From Adding to Your Pages

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report
…you can do something about the part where they mess with your website, adding links you didn’t create.

Namely, you can download this script from Threadwatch, install said script on your server, and link to it from the of your web pages.

Much has been said elsewhere about the antics of the new Google toolbar, but at least you can fight back.

Consuming MapPoint Web Service in PHP

MapPoint Developer Center: MapPoint Web Service Technical Articles: Consuming MapPoint Web Service in PHP
Learn how to consume MapPoint Web Service by using PHP and the NuSoap toolkit. This article is accompanied by sample code that illustrates how to implement a simple proximity-locator application.

The sample code looks pretty straight forward. Of course MapPoint costs money to use…

Online IP Courses


WIPO is offering free online courses starting next week in what lawyers like to call “intellectual property

CALI has thought of doing this sort of thing, but as a serious of lessons, not so much as a complete course.