OSS Projects Offer Bounties: Code for Rewards

Slashdot | OSS Projects Offer Bounties For Features
The market for open source developers seems to be heating up. Asterisk, Gnome, Horde, and Mozilla all have bounties for desired features. Recently, Lime Wire updated its wish list to include bounties on open source development work! Similarly, i2p also released a bounty list. Is it time to consider quitting my day job to do open source development full time?

CALI tried this to get some community particiaption on web services development, but the effort was less than a success with 1, 2, takers and not a lot of general enthusiasm. I was surprised that no .NET, ASP, ColdFusion, or Java folks stepped up and at least tried this out. Probably says more about the teknoids community than the notion of bounties.