LIME Is A Web Based Text Editor That Helps XMLize Your Legal Docs

LIME is an extremely customizable web based editor that guides the user through the markup of non structured documents into well formed (optionally valid) structured XML document compliant to the language plugin chosen by the user. The LIME editor is an open source software and relies on many open source technologies. LIME is currently under development by the CIRSFID and the University of Bologna. Read the documentation page for more information about LIME and the team page for more information about the LIME team.

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The editor is designed to support conversion of non-structured legal documents into Akoma Ntoso XML. The editor’s modular structure allows you to add other plugins so that it can support a range of XML schemas including various national versions of Akoma Ntoso and more general markup such as TEI.  You can find the code on Github if you want to take it for a local spin.

I’m interested in taking a look at this to see if it can work with US court opinions. Perhaps it will give me an editor that I can use to convert opinions into that court opinion DTD I put together so many years ago.

Using XML, PHP and Festival to Produce a “Radio” Play

You play the play with two files: an XML data file that contains the play itself and a producer script in PHP. The XML data contains the cast list, the title and credits, a list of files to use for effects, and each character’s lines (the dialogue). The producer renders the play to an audio device according to the instructions in the XML data, which makes it easy to create a different play or edit the current one and play it with the same producer.

IBM Developerworks::Produce 60-second radio theatre with XML, PHP and Festival.

This is pretty crazy. An XML version of a script is feed to the Festival TTS engine resulting in a an audio file of the play. Some interesting ideas come to mind like automated newscasts, not to mention the revival of the radio drama as a techno art form.

Serna Free XML Editor

Serna Free XML editor is an easy-to-use WYSIWYG XML application intended for students, open-source project developers, and other non-commercial users. Indeed, Serna Free is the most powerful among free XML editors for WYSIWYG authoring.

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Comes with an assortment of DTDs built-in and will publish to HTML and PDF. At first glance seems useful, but as with XML editors generally, if you are not familiar with the structure of the document you want to create it can be tough going.