Kodak Release PC Free Digital Camera

COnsumers can upload directly from the camera for free from home wifi or use T-Mobile for $4.99/mo. It is easy to imagine T-Mobile adding hotspots at Disneyworld and folks can upload pics directly from the hapiest place on earth.

BetaNews | Kodak Unveils PC-Free Digital Camera
Kodak earlier this week unveiled a wireless digital camera, and announced a partnership with T-Mobile Hotspot that would allow the unit to e-mail pictures without the need for a computer.

Revolutionary New Casebook Just like the Rest

OK, this is just funny. West labels this casebook ‘revolutionary’ because it is just like other traditional casebooks. Apparently other casebooks in Law and Accounting are not traditional in the sense that they feature a lot more narrative than one normally finds in a casebook. So creating a traditional casebook becomes a revolutionary act. Man, it makes my head spin.

Cunningham’s Latest Casebook Released – Boston College
In a recent press release, West calls the book “revolutionary,” in that it uses primary materials instead of author narrative, presenting a comprehensive selection and organization of original accounting pronouncements and legal cases applying them. The book is also highly-traditional: primary materials are the dominant textual vehicle used in virtually all other law school courses. By adopting this traditional approach for law and accounting, Cunningham’s new book puts the subject on par with other law school courses.

Getting Clerkship Info From a Blog

This is interesting. basically the author(s) setup a post for each circuit and are allowing anonymous posters to comment with information about each circuit as it becomes available. Currently, posts most list which judges are scheduling interviews, but we should expect ot see info about hiring soon enough. This is a nexcellent example of leveraging the power of a blog to gather and disseminate information. It would be cooler if there were RSS feeds for the comments.

Clerkship Notification Blog

Roll Your Own Search Engine With Rollyo

This is intersting. Great potential.

O’Reilly Radar > Rollyo: Roll Your Own Search Engine
Rollyo affords anyone the ability to roll their own Yahoo!-powered search engine, attenuating results to a set of up to 25 sites. And while the searchrolls (as they’re called) you create are around a particular topic (e.g. Food and Dining), they are also attached to a real person (e.g. Food and Dining is by Jason Kottke). The result is a topic-specific search created and maintained by a trusted source.