Clients pressure bar to innovate

Great article with good links to articles about tech innovation, or the lack thereof, in legal practice. I think the implications for legal education are worth noting. As clients expect more use of technology in practice, firms will pressure law schools for more tech savvy graduates. And the 100+ year old style of teaching law in America ain’t going to cut it.

excited utterances
The message is clear. Innovate or die.

So where does innovation in legal education come from? Well, all modesty aside, CALI is probably one of the best sources for innovation in legal education in America. Over the past 12 months we have released quite a few products and services to our members that, if applied, have the capacity to significantly alter the way legal education works. Adoption has been slow at best, but we keep pushing. I think that eventually pressure from students and employers will force law schools to get more involved in using technology in education and exposing students to more of the technology they will see in practice.