Making Firefox Scream

Hacking Firefox: Speed Up Your Browser
Hack it, tweak it, and make it scream down the information highway. This chapter covers several of the much-touted hacks that you will find on the Internet, as well as some other less popular but very useful hacks. You will get the skinny on the what, how, and why of them. More important, you’ll see how to customize them to fit your current setup and situation. The primary method of hacking for this section is adjusting key hidden preferences.

Podracer: Podcast Aggregator

Podracer is a shell script with calls to Python to handle bit-torrent. Project details for Podracer
Podracer is a podcast aggregator that gets the enclosures from your list of podcast subscriptions and stores them in the location you specify. It supports BitTorrent, HTTP, and FTP downloads, and runs best as a cron job to automatically retrieve podcasts throughout the day.