U of Chicago Admissions Blog: More Schools Needs These

It’s on the Web at http://uchicagolaw.typepad.com/adayinthelife/.”Ninety percent of our applications last year were filed electronically,” said Ann K. Perry, assistant dean for admis-sions. “These applicants are just online all the time.”So the new blog is a recruiting tool, “another way for us to communicate with the prospective students in a way that they like and enjoy.”

University of Chicago Law School > News 09.22.2006: More on the New Admissions Blog

More and more schools need to be doing this sort of thing.  Yes, you can use Classcaster for an admissions blog.  Since law students and future law students are spending more and more time online, all facets of your law school better have a live and dynamic presence online too.  The old updated once a year by changing 2005 to 2006 approach to websites is just not going to work very much longer.  You need to be out there, putting fresh material on the site weekly if not more often, using RSS, podcasts, forums, even chat sessions to connect with students and future students.  Classcaster can provide a platform for lots of this.  Or use some other solution.  It doesn’t really matter what hammer you use, just drive that nail:)  You law school will be better for it.

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