Get Your Linux, Your Way

So you want a Linux that’s set up with just the applications you want — no more, no less. What do you do? Well, an expert Linux user does it himself. But, not everyone’s a Linux legend. For the rest of us, there are two good choices.There’s a low-end personal option:‘s free service, SystemDesigner. There’s also a high-end corporate choice: rPath‘s rBuilder.

DIY Linux, the easy way

A couple of interesting approaches to rolling your own Linux distros.  Handy for getting the whole stack together.

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Pre-Order MSFT Vista!

Microsoft appears to be on track to release Windows Vista for sale at retail outlets in January 2007—that’s if the information posted on is correct.Online retailer is accepting preorders for Windows Vista software, which it says will be available on Jan. 30, 2007.

Amazon Reveals Windows Vista Pricing

We’ll skip the boring details, suffice to say it ain’t cheap and MSFT is not solid on the release date. 

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CA Western SOL Debuts Weekly Podcast

“Although a handful of other law schools use podcasts for lectures and speaker events, we believe California Western is the first law school to offer a weekly news commentary,” said David Bowers

California Western Podcast: Law in 10, Your Weekly Legal Analysis, Debuts

Well, Classcaster has podcasts from about 3 dozen law faculty representing some 30 schools.  The Classcaster podcast network includes over 1250 podcasts totaling nearly 1500 hours of lecture and commentary from law faculty and librarians.  Not bad since Classcaster turns 1 year old this week.

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Corel Buys InterVideo for $196 Million in Cash

Corel on Monday announced an agreement to acquire multimedia software publisher InterVideo, most known for its WinDVD lineup, in an all-cash deal valued at $196 million. The move expands Corel’s portfolio into video editing and DVD creation.With its office products largely reaching their peak amid increasing competition from, Corel has endeavored to shift its software business into multimedia. The company acquired JASC Software and its popular Paint Shop Pro offering in 2004 and is readying a new imaging platform code-named “Alta.”

BetaNews | Corel Acquires InterVideo for $196M

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Dave Discovers Writely’s Metaweblog API Support

Scripting News: 8/26/2006 – It’s been there from early on, I first tried it in pre-Google days. However there is an issue about how it handles the post date information which is to say not very well. I have not been able to get it successfully post correct info either to WordPress or Lifetype blogs. It actually shares this in common with MSFT Live Writer which exhibits the same date mangling feature. I can’t say for sure what the probelm is, but having written a number of client implementations using the Metaweblog API in PHP and Perl I can say I haven’t had any problems with dates when I just follow the spec. I hope that at some point both products fix this issue since I would love to recommend either or both as alternative editors for the growing Classcaster system.

BTW, this post is being written with Flock, which gets the dates right.

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