Berkman, LexsiNexis Get Cozy on Training eLawyers

Harvard Law’s Berkman Center and LexisNexis Partner to Study Law School Curriculum

LexisNexis Media Relations – September 20, 2006 News Release

Wow. Interesting headline. There are a couple of killer quotes though. For instance,

A white paper created by the Berkman Center under the supervision of John Palfrey will be released at the end of the year.

and the intriguing,

The Berkman Center, one of the premier research centers in the world focusing on the intersection of law and technology, includes among its ranks such notable faculty as Charles Nesson, Charles Ogletree, John Palfrey, Jonathan Zittrain, William Fisher, and Lawrence Lessig. This project is unrelated to work and opinions on copyright and in no way represent an endorsement by LexisNexis of those views. This partnership is an example that business and academe can work together for the benefit of legal education while agreeing to disagree on other issues of import.

Cool, another white paper. That’ll help. And LN wants to make sure that nobody thinks its endorsing any of this Open Source, Creative Commons crap. Good position.

Well that’s enough snarky for the moment.

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