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YourMinis is a Flash-based customizable homepage product that will compete for users with a number of similar products that use Ajax – Netvibes, Pageflakes, Google, Live.com and more. This was launched by a startup called Goowy, which created a flash-based productivity suite (email, calendar, IM, etc.) last year – see here for our Goowy coverage.

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I would really like to a CALI centric sort of thing designed like this.  A portal that brings students to their courses, lessons, library, etc.  Would be cool.

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Confabb Brings All Those Conferences Together

Confabb (confabb.com) combines an aggregate database of major conferences, conventions, and trade shows sorted by industry with social networking tools designed to empower conference attendees to improve their overall experience.Built into the site is a reputation management system to be used by conference attendees, speakers, organizers and administrators allowing people to plan for and attend conferences, and critique and review those they have attended and want to share with colleagues. No other resource contains such a comprehensive listing of events or as robust a tool set for maximizing the conference experience via the live Web.

Welcome to Confabb: The Conference Community

This is pretty cool.  We’ll add the CALI Conference for Law School Computing just as soon as I figure out what category to stick it in:)

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