Recruiting Students the Web 2.0 Way

The study also found that 63 percent of respondents said they would read a blog authored by a faculty member as a way to seek more information about students and faculty at a particular institution. While only 9 percent said they had participated in an online chat on a school Web site, 51 percent said they would if they could. Also, 9 percent of prospective students indicated that they had downloaded a podcast from a college or university, but 54 percent said they would if they had the opportunity.

Prospective College Students Receptive to Electronic Social Networking Recruitment Methods, Survey Finds

OK, we hang a survey off of LTL to find out what prospective law students think about this sort of stuff.  Then use the results to get law schools to start moving forward.

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VRM – Vendor Relationship Management

Imagine being able to relate to vendors — productively, on mutually agreeable terms — rather than just paying them money for whatever they’re selling, and occasionally giving them “feedback” through surveys that aggregate our “input” inside some impersonal “customer relationship management” (CRM) system. That’s the idea behind VRM, or Vendor Relationship Management. It’s the reciprocal of CRM: a toolset for independence and engagement. That is, of independence from vendors and engagement with vendors.

Can we relate? | Linux Journal

VRM is just getting going at and is being backed by Berkman.  This is a good idea that I hope catches on.

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