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This is a test. You bet it is. So, here I am editing an existing post with Word 2007.

I created this post and published to the blog, then used the ‘Open Existing’ to bring it back. Certainly cool.

Denise wants me to include a picture, but I can’t get it to work.

  • Let’s try a list
  • Second item
    • Second level
  • Oh boy

Bold. Big and bold.

There needs to be a link here.

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PuTTY Updates Released

Arcfour support. Windows PuTTY feature updates. The Unix version now compiles with gcc 4. Various bugfixes. Project details for PuTTY

The indespensible Windows SSH client releases its first updates in 10 months.

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But What Does a Wikipedia Cite Look Like?

More than 100 judicial rulings have relied on Wikipedia, beginning in 2004, including 13 from circuit courts of appeal, one step below the Supreme Court. (The Supreme Court thus far has never cited Wikipedia.)
“Wikipedia is a terrific resource,” said Judge Richard A. Posner of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, in Chicago. “Partly because it so convenient, it often has been updated recently and is very accurate.” But, he added: “It wouldn’t be right to use it in a critical issue. If the safety of a product is at issue, you wouldn’t look it up in Wikipedia.”

Courts Turn to Wikipedia, but Selectively – New York Times

So, in 3 years 100 cases cited Wikipedia.  Out of how many thousands of published decisions?  How many cases cited Playboy?  Most are trial level opinions which carry little weight.  It is an interesting development though and will certainly cause discussion in the legal research and writing community:)

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Linking Yahoo ID to OpenID

OpenID, the lightweight, decentralized identity system (Radar post) had an interesting weekend. There is now a method for using your Yahoo ID with OpenID (unofficial, but sanctioned) and there are new measures designed to reduce the risk of phishing.

O’Reilly Radar > OpenID, Get it from Yahoo! & Avoid Phishing

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Find Open Source Alternatives to Commercial Software

Find open source alternatives to your favourite commercial products. Browse through our software categories and compare pros and cons of both commercial products as well as open source software.

Open Source Alternative – About

Not sure how I’ve missed this before, but here it is now.  Looks like a great source for doing just what it says, finding OSS alternatives to commercial software.  Via MAKE.

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Stetson Law Gets New CTO

Daniel Orie has been promoted to chief technology officer and Karen Griffin has been promoted to director of development at Stetson University College of Law.In the new position, Orie will continue to assist with the college’s new technology initiatives, including developing an intranet and distance education programs.

Stetson promotes technology chief and top development officer

Not too often the promotion of someone in the technology field generates a press release.  Good to see.

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