A Peek at Zoho Notebook

Like OneNote, Notebook gives you a tabbed virtual notebook full of pages that you can put stuff on, including words, shapes, and imported graphics…but that’s just for starters. You can also embed external files, Web pages, and word processing and spreadsheet snippets, or bring in RSS feeds, audio, and video. In other words, a Notebook notebook can be a remarkably rich document.Like any Web 2.0 application worth its salt, Notebook lets you collaborate by providing other folks with access to both full notebooks and parts of them, and you can publish Notebook pages to the Web so anyone can see them without signing up with Zoho. All of which gives it the potential to do some interesting things that OneNote can’t.

PC World’s Techlog Zoho’s Cool Web-Based Note Taker

Sounds pretty nifty.  A lot like what we’re trying to accomplish with the eLangdell project.

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