Twitter Updates for 2011-10-12

  • @edmyers I wasn't going to say anything… #
  • updating the iPad to the new shiny iOS 5.0. Apparently I'll know when the update is done because the iPad will float 4 inches off my desk. #
  • Well, instead of floating, the iPad sunk. Update to iOS 5.0 failed. Apple tells me I may need to update OSX first. Bass Ackwards. #
  • @brianlbaker An otherwise up-to-date version of Lion. And the iPad was up-to-date also. D/L the Lion updates now. #
  • And the iPad upgrade to iOS 5 #fails again! This time "the iPad software update server could not be contacted or is temporarily unavailable" #
  • @LiHuMa You, me and half the civilized world, apparently. #
  • @LiHuMa Yes it is. And it makes me a little bit happy inside when a big company has trouble anticipating demand just like me! #
  • Yippee! iPad update to iOS 5 worked on the 4th try. Look, tabbed browsing! And iCloud! Oh, my! #

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