Twitter Updates for 2012-02-03

  • Grrr, it was supposed to be an easy win… Of course THAT never works out. #
  • @sglassmeyer No one did, it was imported from Wikipedia. see for some details. #
  • @sglassmeyer No problem. Remembering EVERYTHING that's on the Internet and where it came from is what I'm all about. #
  • "Where games offer the pleasure of mastery, narrative offers the pleasure of surrender." #
  • @montserratlj @caliorg Don't know of e-reader specific, but some discussion on teknoids in Sept of incoming 1L tech: #
  • @montserratlj @caliorg Anecdotal evidence says 35-40% of 1Ls entered law school in Fall of 2011 with an e-reader or tablet of some sort. #
  • @montserratlj @caliorg Sure. #
  • Call for Speakers – Conference for Law School Computing – 2012 | teknoids @teknoids @caliorg #CALIcon12 #

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