Debian 7.0 “Wheezy” Hits the Streets

After many months of constant development, the Debian project is proud to present its new stable version 7.0 (code name Wheezy).

This new version of Debian includes various interesting features such as multiarch support, several specific tools to deploy private clouds, an improved installer, and a complete set of multimedia codecs and front-ends which remove the need for third-party repositories.

Multiarch support, one of the main release goals for Wheezy, will allow Debian users to install packages from multiple architectures on the same machine. This means that you can now, for the first time, install both 32- and 64-bit software on the same machine and have all the relevant dependencies correctly resolved, automatically.

via Debian — News — Debian 7.0 “Wheezy” released.

Debian recommends using BitTorrent to do the download. A standard Debian install can be done with the first CD/DVD in the set. I’ll be running this up in VirtualBox when the ISOs finish.