Lifehacker to the Rescue With Userscript Fixes to Google+ Annoyances

Last week at Google I/O, the company’s social network got a big facelift. In some ways, it looks great, but it also introduced a slew of new problems. Enter userscripts to clean things up.

Most of these extensions will play nice with either Greasemonkey (Firefox) or Tampermonkey (Chrome), however each have their own set of instructions and idiosyncrasies. Be sure to read carefully before installing anything.

via Fix Google+’s Biggest Annoyances with These Userscripts.

Google did a bit of a number the new version of Google+ and the Google Talk/Hangouts integration. This short post from Lifehacker helps ease over some the blemish, but be warned: You’ll need to be comfortable getting under the hood of Chrome to get these working.