Nginx Launches Commercial Support Option, Looking to Unseat IIS As #2 Web Server

Anyone who pays any attention to Web servers knows that Apache is the most popular Web server. What only professional Web developers and administrators know is that Nginix, a high-performance, open-source Web server, is battling with Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) for second place.

Now, in order to leapfrog IIS and claim the No. 2 spot for itself, Nginx (pronounced Engine-X) has announced the availability of Nginx Plus, a fully supported version of the server program. This new version comes not only with professional support services, which have been available since February 2012, but with additional features. The commercial version has been developed and supported by Nginx’s core engineering team and is available on a subscription basis starting at $1,350 per instance per year.

via Nginx, the popular open-source Web server, goes commercial | ZDNet.

This blog is served up with Nginx as part of the LEMP stack. This move is likely to accelerate growth of Nginx adoption.