OwnCloud 6 Beta Introduces ownCloud Documents, Collaborative Editing for ODF Docs

I’m talking about collaborative editing! This feature is implemented in an app called “ownCloud Documents” and will be part of ownCloud 6. People can view and edit their ODF text documents directly in the browser, inside your ownCloud. Another cool thing is that you can invite users from the same ownCloud to work collaboratively on the same document with you. Or you can send invitation links by email to  people outside your server to collaborate with you on the document.

via own clouds, social networks and free desktops: Welcome “ownCloud Documents”.

If the addition of collaborative editing features to ownCloud actually works, this is going to be a pretty big breakthrough in the the open source space. It will in effect create a system that will replicate the features of Dropbox plus Google Docs, all in space that is user controlled. It provides the potential for creating self-hosted private and secure collaborative and storage space for groups in a way that just can’t be easily accomplished now.

I’ll be trying the features of ownCloud 6 beta out and will let y’all know how it goes.