New Version of KeePass Password Manager Reminds Us We Need Better Security

KeePass screenshot

Dominik Reichl has released KeePass 2.25 for Windows. The open-source password management tool allows users to manage both offline and online passwords via a secure, encrypted container, and is also available in portable form.
Version 2.25 is a minor update, but introduces a new auto-type key sending engine that improves support for sending Unicode characters as well as sending keypresses into virtual machine and emulator windows.

via KeePass introduces new auto-key sending engine, improves entry attachment handling.

New update to the popular password manager. This is one of those utilities that everyone should consider using. And it’s open source. And it’s free. And it runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. And there’s a portable version. And it works with virtual machines. And why aren’t you using it?

You can find all the details on the KeePass Password Safe website, the official website of KeePass.