Some love for Slack, our favorite group communication tool

VentureBeat: 10 things I love about Slack.

CALI has been using Slack for about a year and we love it. It has replaced our group mailing list as the primary way we communicate. We use it not just to talk to one another but we have it wired into things like Github and Nagios to help us keep track of things we’re doing and to alert ids to trouble with our systems. Very soon we’re going to invite more folks we talk to regularly to join us on Slack as a way to increase our communication with our members.

All in all I’d recommend Slack for any group as a great way to get folks telling till each other.

Understanding the Meerkat live-streaming magic | Computerworld

When you start streaming with Meerkat, the stream is automatically announced on Twitter in a tweet with a link to the stream on the website. It’s also announced inside the app for users who are following you on Twitter and also using Meerkat.

Replies to the tweet are treated as comments, which show up superimposed on the live-streaming video, at least for users who are viewing in the app.

Understanding the Meerkat live-streaming magic | Computerworld

This is intriguing, but I’m not sure it’s enough to get me to fire up my iPad.

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