A Handful of Open Source Assessment & Feedback Tools

  • Rogō, a complete assessment authoring, playback and management system, developed by the eponymous project at Nottingham University, and deployed in three other institutions
  • OpenMentor, a system that analyses tutor feedback on assignments, developed at the OU, now deployed in two other institutions by the OMTetra project
  • QTIWorks, a full-featured, QTI compliant assessment and test player, developed at Edinburgh University, now deployed by the QTI-DI project
  • Uniqurate, an online, QTI compliant assessment and test authoring tool developed at Kingston University by the eponymous project, and coupled to QTIWorks

Source: Assessment & Feedback tool development lessons | Wilbert Kraan

Of most use to CALI is likely to be Rogo, written in PHP backed with MySQL and LDAP for user management.

The top four Internet Relay Chat clients | Opensource.com

In this article, explore the many open source options for connecting to IRC and find the one that works best for you.

Source: The top four Internet Relay Chat clients | Opensource.com

Of particular interest is Kiwi IRC, web based client that is powered by node.js and provides embeddable widgets so you can add chat to your website.