My Twitter Digest for 11/16/2015

Say goodbye to Scrum and take a look at  the new open development method

As part of an open development method, code quality is king. You should be asking key questions every time you write code:

  1. Is this code legible?
  2. Is this code testable?
  3. Is this code modular?
  4. Is this code economical?

Every question asked benefits not only you, but your team. When you write code in a such a way that another developer half a world away can sit down and start working on it immediately, without needing to ask any questions, you’re helping improve your team’s efficiency. Likewise, when you ensure your code is testable, you drastically cut down on the number of roadblocks your team may encounter. With modularity, you present code to your team that is both easily maintained and potentially recyclable for another project. And finally, economical code can save everyone—from your team and future contributors, to clients and end-users—both time and money.

Source: Scrum is dead: breaking down the new open development method ::

Beyond code quality, other tents of the open development method include documentation, testing, discussions, transparency, asynchronicity, and democracy. This short article helps remind us that there isn’t a one size fits all model of development out there and we need to be mindful of the context that we work in.