German Spam Linked to Latest Sober

Latest Sober worm sends German spam – Computerworld
E-mail users perplexed by the barrage of German-language spam waiting in their in-boxes this morning can blame the latest version of the Sober mass-mailing worm, which began rapidly spreading over the weekend.

Sober.q uses both German- and English-language messages to direct recipients to Web sites with right-wing German nationalistic content, according to an advisory from e-mail security company MX Logic Inc. in Englewood, Colo. One of the URLs points to the Web site of the right-wing German National Democratic Party, the security firm said.

I’ve seen several of these from different zombies hit CALI’s server and picked up a couple from Emory.

MSFT Desktop Search Out of Beta

BetaNews | MSN Desktop Search Moves Out of Beta
Microsoft’s MSN division on Monday launched its Toolbar and Windows Desktop Search product after five months of beta testing. The new toolbar promises to give a taste what search experience Longhorn is expected to bring. Noticeably missing from the final release, however, was a tabbed browsing feature that appeared in early betas.

Microsoft planned to bring a tabbed experience to Internet Explorer 6 through the toolbar, but pulled the feature shortly before release, sources told BetaNews. Microsoft plans to add tabbed browsing to the product in a future release, but fully integrated tabs will only come in Internet Explorer 7, the company said.

Too bad about the tabbed browsing featuer. It sure is something that will help IE.