iWebCal – OS iCal Tool

iWebCal: Choose Calendar
iWebCal lets you view calendars from iCal (and other calendar tools) on the Web. Just upload your calendar file to the Internet somewhere and type its address in the box above. Read the quick start for more info, or see iWebCal in action with an example calendar from Apple’s calendar library.

Cool. Also works with the WebDAV-enabled versions of the Mozilla calendar tools. So, you could setup a group calendar that would be be pretty functional and web-enabled.

Tiger Server Roars, Too

Tiger Server Roars, Too
While most of the attention Friday is on the client version of Apple’s latest release of its Mac OS X operating system, Tiger Server is a major event in itself. It bridges the worlds of open source, Unix and Windows, and may be the key to finally gaining Apple a foothold in the corporate data center.

Integrated into Tiger Server are a secure instant messaging server, a mail gateway with spam and virus filtering, and a Weblog server—all of which can integrate directly with corporate directory services and access control systems, including LDAP and Microsoft’s Active Directory Service…

And since Apple doesn’t charge for CALs (client access licenses), an Apple box running Tiger Server could do the same job as a Windows 2003 system for hundreds or thousands of dollars less.

Verizon To Drop NYC Hotspots

Verizon decommissions wireless LAN hot spots in N.Y. – Computerworld
Citing low usage levels, Verizon Communications Inc. plans to decommission the 380 free Wi-Fi hot spots in New York City that it had turned on for its DSL customers two years ago.

Fewer than half the hot spots were generating more than 80% of the traffic. “Usage didn’t live up to our expectations,” a Verizon spokeswoman said. “Customers didn’t take advantage of it.”

I wonder if people really want o be online all the time anyway? I mean I certainly want access to information that is found on the net at any given moment, but I don’t want to be constantly followed around by email, IM, Skype, RSS, etc. I just want to know when the next boxing match is on TV or how much the doodad I just find at Goodwill is selling for on Ebay.