Cringley Finds an Inflection Point

PBS | I, Cringely . May 12, 2005 – Inflection Point
This Week Changed the World of High Tech Forever, Though Most of Us Still Don’t Know It

Cringley sounds about right. In 12-18 months I’ll be d/l’ing HD movies to some box connected to the Elmerplex system and watching them on the big screen for less than the 24.99 I pay Blockbuster now for the ‘all you can eat’ plan. I’ve certainly got the bandwidth to the house to handle movie downloads. Comcast Cable easily cruises at 3.5 Mb per second for downloads. I was able to download 4 CDs of CentOS Linux via bittorrent (2.1 gig of data) in less than 90 minutes yesterday. Imagine Google bittorrent:) I expect that by the end of 2006 I’ll be able to d/l a DVD quality movie in less than 60 minutes.
It is exciting.

Yelling ‘Freebird!’ Exposed in WSJ – Rock’s Oldest Joke: Yelling ‘Freebird!’ In a Crowded Theater
Yelling “Freebird!” has been a rock cliché for years, guaranteed to elicit laughs from drunks and scorn from music fans who have long since tired of the joke. And it has spread beyond music, prompting the Chicago White Sox organist to add the song to her repertoire and inspiring a greeting card in which a drunk holding a lighter hollers “Freebird!” at wedding musicians.

Freebird is fine, but I’ve always preferred yelling “Zepellin” myself:)