New OpenKiosk Release Project details for OpenKiosk
This version features major enhancements to both the clients and server module of the system. One of the key features is the introduction of the Kiosk-Mode User Interface. Other features include membership support, delegation of configuration access to operators, restricting prepaid and member access to a particular workgroup, remote viewing of site status using a Web browser, remote reporting, detailed reports, and more.


Hell of an idea. You get filing sharing through an RSS feed. Add files to the folder, links show up in the feed, an aggregator/reader d/l’s the files. Neat, clean, fast. Of course costs money and is likely to go the way of other online storage schemes. But the idea is sound. It could use more security and encryption too.

MAKE: Blog: RSS feeds to online storage…’s filefeed lets people easily subscribe to your shared files through any web or software-based RSS reader (including firefox,, newsgater, feedster, and more). Distributing files through filefeed is easy: just add a file to one of your shared folders and all of the subscribers will instantly receive a link to that new file. Imagine the possibilities… share documents with your blog’s readers, send brochures to clients, syndicate recent photos automatically to friends and family, or simply use RSS to sync up your web folder with another location.