Running MS Exchange 5.5 Inside a Linux VM

Resuscitating Microsoft Exchange 5.5 with Linux –
What we will be doing is running NT4/Exchange inside the Linux OS via a virtual machine, VMWare is the vm recommend for its ease of use and stability. We will use a more secure MTA, such as Postfix and we will receive mail via an Imap server, such as Cyrus. Exchange 5.5 will not connect to the Internet at all, and all mail will be filtered through the more secure systems before Exchange has to deal with it. We can even have Exchange 5.5 forgo all mail handling, and only perform address book and calendar sharing.

Article provides a quick, non-detailed howto on getting Exchange 5.5 running on VMWare using Linux as the host OS. This provides a good way to secure Exchange from the outside world and is less disruptive to end users. It is interesting to note that VMWare can be used to run virtually any MSFT apps on a Linux host in a more secure environment.