Am I Fundable?

Slashdot | OSS Funding through Fundable
“FredCK, developer of the popular FCKEditor, recently raised $600 from supporters through Fundable to port his open source HTML editor to Safari. Fundable is a new site that lets groups of people pool money for specific purposes, like software features. Unlike generic donation dropboxes (such as PayPal buttons), if a group’s targeted collection isn’t reached after 2 or 4 weeks, everyone gets a complete refund.”

Maybe I’ll use this help fund some of my innovations

Graphic Maps of Apache Logs Project details for Apache2GDL
Apache2GDL is a Perl script that parses an Apache log file and generates a directed graph of visitors’ movement in GDL format for visualization with aiSee. It also allows you to pipe the graph directly through aiSee and get a mapped SVG or PNG image of the layout. The generated images help you find out how people actually browse your site — which paths they take to get from page A to page B, which paths are more popular than others, which pages get the most hits, and whether there are one-way paths and dead-end pages.