Classcaster Launched

Well, I got this out the door today. We went from concept to product in right around 6 months. I suppose I should say I not we since I did the actual development myself.
In a nutshell, Classcaster is a turn-key blogging, podcasting, audio-blogging, telephony solution aimed at education (that is CALI’s mission after all). Yep, on this one system you get a blog, podcast ready, the capalbilty to call in posts, RSS2 feeds with enclosures, an embedded Flash player, automatic generation of posts once a call is complete. Pretty cool. Next is an ISO version so you play along at home:) – CALI Spotlight
CALI is excited to announce the immeadiate availability of Classcaster. Classcaster is a course blogging and podcasting system that provides faculty, librarians, and staff of CALI member schools with a new way to interact with students and communities. A Classcaster blog provides authors with tools for posting not only traditional blog articles but also tools for podcasting and sharing any documents and/or files with students and communities. Members of the CALI community interested in using Classcaster should first visit the Classcaster FAQ for instructions on using the system.