links for 2005-12-04

Flock Grows

Flock Gains Traction with Downloads – I’ve been using Flock as my primary blogging tool for the past 6 weeks or so.  I use it to post articles to my WordPress, LifeType, and Drupal based blogs with equal ease.  If you blog, you need to use Flock.

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Audacity 1.3 Gets Podcast Friendly Features

Audacity: Audacity 1.3: Other features – The beta release of Audacity 1.3 brings a host of great features to this open source audio editor including FTP upload and speech-optimized batch processing.  These 2 features alone will make Audacity a key tool for podcasters.  I’ve been recommending Audcaity for those who want to record their Classcaster podcasts locally, and will certainly add these new features to that pitch.

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