Some changes around here

Since I’ve been using Flock my blogging habits have changed. Thanks to Flock’s builtin blogging client I can connect to all of my various blog and blog-like sites to create and edit posts. So I can post to <CONTENT /> (WordPress), Teknoids (Drupal), and CALIopolis (LifeType) from a single consistant interface. This is cool. Flock makes it happen through the magic of XML-RPC and assorted blogging APIs. Bottomline: given the ease of posting I’ve shifted where stuff gets posted.

This blog, <CONTENT />, remains my primary personal blog. Anything may turn up here, but it is likely to be stuff that concerns my interests in technology and education. My occasional ramblings on whatever catches my brain will end up here.

Links to and posts about cool tech tools and some tech news are going to Teknoids. I’m still using the ‘cooltool’ category to mark these posts on Teknoids. My hope is that posting there will provide more information to my teknoid friends. The focus is mainly on stuff that Ifind useful and that is of use to legal academia in a broad sense.

Finally, educational and instructional technology oriented posts are going to CALIopolis, the official blog of CALI. Generally things that would be within the CALI mission will get blogged there.