Walmart Expands IT

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. will add 250 new IT jobs during the next year, filling the majority of the positions with new college graduates rather than experienced IT veterans. The retail giant also plans to promote about 25% of the IT personnel already on board.

Wal-Mart to add 250 IT jobs, expand online presence – Computerworld

Of course you’ll need to relocte to Bentonville, Ark. since most of the jobs are at HQ and “salaries and housing costs are lower than in other parts of the country“.

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Wikipedia Struggles for Credibility

Following two fairly high profile incidents regarding the anonymous editing of articles on the popular open-source online reference tool Wikipedia, the site said that it would make changes to how it operates to prevent future problems.

BetaNews | Wikipedia Changes Editing Rules

Only registered users will be able to create articles, but anonymous users will still be able to edit.  I just don’t see why Wikipedia can’t get a basic registration for both creators and editors.  If you are going to say soemthing for the world to hear, at least stand up let us know who you are.