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Your Very Own Time Machine

Wayback – Home Page – OK, now you can run your very own Internet archive.  This is an open source version of the Internet Wayback Machine that powers the Internet Archive.  First reaction – why?  But think about it from an archival point of view.  There is real value ion being able to maintain an archive of your older sites.  And there could be value in an organization like CALI spidering law school sites to maintain archives.  Think disaster recovery.


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Where’s My Pod?

A study done by Bridge Data suggests what many of us already suspected: Podcasting is popular, but it has little to do with the "pods," that is, the iPods and other portable players for which "Podcasting" was supposedly born. The study concluded that 80 percent of podcasts are either listened to and/or watched on a PC, or simply deleted.

Podcasts don’t cast into the Pod

Interesting article raises a good question: what is a podcast? and why is it a podcast?  Results of the CALI mid-semester podcasting survey of Classcaster users turned up much the same with 3/4 of students listening to podcasts of course materials on their PCs and not on portable MP3 devices.   So everyone buys into the Apple marketing of iPods everywhere, but in reality it’s jsut regular old computer users listening while they work or surf. 



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