More Sony Reader Info Emerges

Sony inked a deal on Monday to sell its new Reader device in Borders bookstores across the United States, including some airport locations. The Sony Reader, demoed at this year’s CES conference in January, offers a high-contrast, high-resolution (800×600) electronic paper display for viewing e-books and text documents.

BetaNews | Borders to Sell Sony Reader Device

Borders will also sell prepaid cards for the Sony’s CONNECT service where e-books and such can be purchased online.  The reader will also display PDF and JPEG files.  Internet material such as RSS feeds will be available through CONNECT.   This is from the Sony website:

The Sony Reader isn’t just about reading eBooks. Using
the included CONNECT™ Reader PC Software, you can easily transfer
Adobe® PDF documents, BBeB Book, and other text file formats to the
Reader. Seamlessly search, browse and download user-selected RSS Web
content from CONNECT™ Store to the PC and transfer to your Sony®
Reader. Take along your favorite Web newsfeeds, blogs and more to read
where ever you are.


Sounds like a text-centric version of iTunes, which is OK by me.  Of course, I can also run Linux on my iPod or just use it as a giant disc drive and get at data w/o iTunes.  One would hope Sony would have learned its lesson with the Libre and make the Reader more accessible.