Gizmo + Asterisk = SIP Classcaster for All?

Now with new Asterisk support, Gizmo Project allows you to simultaneously log in to your Gizmo Project account, and another SIP-based server such as the popular Asterisk PBX, Switchvox, epygi, or others. You can then receive incoming calls or make outgoing calls through either service.

Gizmo – A free phone for your computer -Advanced Features – Dual Login

The theory here wuld be that you could use the Gizmo SIPphone to call Classcaster and record a podcast.  THis may provide an interesting angle to get some notice for Classcaster.

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Linux In Education: Advancing An Elementary School

Two parent volunteers at an Atlanta district school have revolutionized technology use there by replacing Windows workstations with Linux on thin clients, using K12LTSP.Click here!Daniel Howard and William Fragakis were spending too much time fixing “broken” computers at Brandon Elementary School. They were slow, frequently frozen, and “fraught with hardware, software, and malware issues. We would hear over and over again, ‘our computer doesn’t work anymore,'” Howard says, “and it takes hours to reinstall the operating system or figure out what driver got corrupted by what virus.” Students weren’t learning how to use the computers because frustrated teachers weren’t including computer work in their lesson plans. “What we discovered is that teachers were really using [the computers] only for browsing and office applications.” The school didn’t have enough money to upgrade Windows 98 or aging hardware, and Howard and Fragakis were working many hours just to keep the school’s technology afloat.

NewsForge | Brandon Elementary transformed by K12LTSP

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