WSJ Celebrates 10 Years of Blogging

It’s been 10 years since the blog was born. Love them or hate them, they’ve roiled presidential campaigns and given everyman a global soapbox. Twelve commentators — including Tom Wolfe, Newt Gingrich, the SEC’s Christopher Cox and actress-turned-blogger Mia Farrow — on what blogs mean to them.

Happy Blogiversary –

Good article marking the 10th anniversary of the ‘weblog’ as we know it, more or less, today. I’ve been blogging since October 16, 2000, a mere 3 years after it got going, primarily as away to keep track of stuff I find that interests me. I think that is still the strength of blogging: the ease with an individual can add content to the web. Everything else, order, search, etc is handled by the software. All I need to do is type into a form. Sure, most blogs are not of interest to anyone beyond the author, including mine. But that is what is so cool.. Even though I don’t have some sort of regular global audience, I can still type this entry without much effort on my part and someday I’ll come back to it and smile:)

BTW, I thnk the real highlight of my blogging career is a comment Jorn Barger himself after a brief article I wrote about the origin of the word weblog. Pretty cool!

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