Drawing circles in the sand

I spent some time today sorting out my personal Internet space from my professional Internet space. I know this sort of thing puzzles some folks who don’t really draw those sorts of lines, but I do. My family and friends are important to me and generally separate from my professional colleagues. Yes, there is some overlap between these groups, but not much and I am more comfortable keeping them separate.

I now consider Facebook and <CONTENT />, my blog, as personal space. I will use Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends. My blog, which dates back to October 2000, will be recast a bit to focus on things that interest me personally. That may include a bit of tech here and there, but is more likely to include family, photos,  food, movies, music, and even a bit of politics.

My professional space includes Twitter, LinkedIn, and a shiny new blog on Teknoids. I will use LinkedIn to build my professional network and Twitter to share and discover information useful to me professionally. My Teknoids blog will be used to write about my professional interests in legal education technology in law schools. In addition stuff directly related to work will appear on the CALI Spotlight and Classcaster blogs.

My hope is that this division of space will help clarify a picture that has become increasingly murky to me.