Verizon To Drop NYC Hotspots

Verizon decommissions wireless LAN hot spots in N.Y. – Computerworld
Citing low usage levels, Verizon Communications Inc. plans to decommission the 380 free Wi-Fi hot spots in New York City that it had turned on for its DSL customers two years ago.

Fewer than half the hot spots were generating more than 80% of the traffic. “Usage didn’t live up to our expectations,” a Verizon spokeswoman said. “Customers didn’t take advantage of it.”

I wonder if people really want o be online all the time anyway? I mean I certainly want access to information that is found on the net at any given moment, but I don’t want to be constantly followed around by email, IM, Skype, RSS, etc. I just want to know when the next boxing match is on TV or how much the doodad I just find at Goodwill is selling for on Ebay.