BB Is A Cash Cow

During the second quarter, Blackboard had a software-license renewal rate of more than 90 percent. It added 136 new licenses but total license growth reflected WebCT customers and climbed 52 percent to 4,802 from 3,149 a year ago. Total contract value was $148 million, or an average of $30,800 per license.

Blackboard sees 32 percent growth – Business – The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper

Of course it is way too early to see ifthere is going to be any significant impact from fall out of Blackboards recently announced patent.  Still, 4,802 licenses is a lot of folks and even if they lose a quarter, they’d still be a head of when they acquired WebCT.  I don’t see how any sort of patent fall out in the community is going to really ding Blackboard.

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