Flex 2 Review

There have been lots of changes in the first two years of Adobe’s promising rich Internet platform, and that’s meant choppy waters for developers. But eWEEK Labs finds that Version 2 adds the stability and maturity needed to make Flex a major platform for creating Web apps and services.

Adobe Flex Finds Its Footing

Though the SDK is free and can get you started building stand alone apps, the Eclipse-based Flex Builder is $499 and Flex Data Services, a must for enterprise level apps and database integration, is $20,000 per processor and requires a Java application server.  I think I’ll stick with PHP and some shiney AJAX stuff.

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SightSpeed Video Conferencing Reviewed

Want brilliantly clear video calls? SightSpeed 5.0, the part peer-to-peer, part server-client communications application, can provide them. Just meld it with your broadband connection and any of dozens of webcams on the market, call another SightSpeed user, and you’ll soon be making cross-country family video conference calls part of your daily routine.

SightSpeed 5.0 review by PC Magazine

A free client is availableRates are reasonable

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Windows Media For Real on Linux

As a result of a Microsoft-Real anti-trust lawsuit, Real won the right to incorporate Windows media formats into its software. As a result, Real’s RealPlayer and its open-source counterpart, Helix, will soon be able to play the Windows media formats.Novell, in turn, will distribute the upgraded RealPlayer and Helix, as part of the GNOME Banshee music player in its SLED (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) distribution. The Helix Banshee player adds the Helix DNA client universal media framework to the GNOME-based Banshee open-source music player. This music player will also have the power to burn MP3 files to CDs.

RealNetworks Brings Windows Media to Linux

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