Dave Discovers Writely’s Metaweblog API Support

Scripting News: 8/26/2006 – It’s been there from early on, I first tried it in pre-Google days. However there is an issue about how it handles the post date information which is to say not very well. I have not been able to get it successfully post correct info either to WordPress or Lifetype blogs. It actually shares this in common with MSFT Live Writer which exhibits the same date mangling feature. I can’t say for sure what the probelm is, but having written a number of client implementations using the Metaweblog API in PHP and Perl I can say I haven’t had any problems with dates when I just follow the spec. I hope that at some point both products fix this issue since I would love to recommend either or both as alternative editors for the growing Classcaster system.

BTW, this post is being written with Flock, which gets the dates right.

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