Arkansas Becomes First State to Make Official Reports Electronic

“[The Arkansas Supreme Court] and the Court of Appeals will soon step into the future: effective July 1, 2009 the electronic version of appellate decisions posted on the Arkansas Judiciary website [link] will the official reports of those decisions. Arkansas will be the first state in the nation to publish and distribute the official report of its appellate decisions electronically.” In re: Arkansas Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Rule 5-2 (May 28, 2009).

Publication of the Arkansas Reports and Arkansas Appellate Reports will end with volume 375 Ark./104 Ark. App. Hat tip to Coleen Barger (UALR Bowen School of Law), Legal Writing Prof Blog.

via Law Librarian Blog: Stepping into the Future: Digital Versions of Arkansas Appellate Decisions Declared Official.

A most welcome development. While the linked announcement is a PDF of a scanned fax (yuk!), the opinions currently on the site are nice clean text-based PDF files and site boasts a page of RSS feeds that let you keep track of what is going on. Let’s hope this is fast moving trend.

$1 Summer Movies at GTC Cherokee Cinemas

The lineup varies from theatre to theatre (check the flyer at the location for details), but it should include the following movies:

* Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker

* Alvin & the Chipmunks

* Bee Movie

* Coraline

* Doogal

* Horton Hears a Who

* Hotel for Dogs

* Igor

* Kung Fu Panda

* Madagascar Escape 2 Africa

* Nim’s Island

* Open Season

* Paul Blart: Mall Cop

* The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything: A Veggie Tales Movie

* The Spiderwick Chronicles

* The Tale of Despereaux

Click here to find a Georgia Theatre Company theatre near you.

via $1 Movies During 2009 Summer Kid Show Series at Georgia Theatre Company : Atlanta on the Cheap.

More cheap summer movies, even closer to home.

NASCAR Goes for “Shootout Style” Restarts

NASCAR on Thursday announced a change to its race format with the addition of “Double-File Restarts — Shootout Style” throughout each race. Beginning with this weekend at Pocono Raceway, the first- and second-place drivers will line up side-by-side as the green flag flies for each restart.

“We’ve heard the fans loud and clear: ‘double-file restarts — shootout style’ are coming to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series,” said NASCAR chairman and CEO Brian France. “This addition to the race format is good for competition and good for the fans.”

via NASCAR.COM – NASCAR adopts double-file restarts in Cup Series races – Jun 4, 2009.

This gets the the slower lapped traffic out of the way on restarts so that the leaders can race it out without getting tied up in cars that aren’t racing for the lead. I should make racing a lot more exciting.

Moblin 2.0 Reviewed: Another Linux Distro for Netbooks

The Moblin project started out in life as an operating system targeted at the Mobile Internet Device (MID) platform but has morphed into a prime candidate for the Netbook world. With the release of the Moblin v2 beta in late May came the push specifically targeted at Netbooks designed around the Intel Atom processor family. A transition of project stewardship from Intel to the Linux Foundation also took place between the releases of Moblin v1 and v2.

via LinuxPlanet – Reviews – Moblin 2.0 – A New Way to Make a Netbook Sing With Linux – Installation and Test-Drive.