Kodachrome, a Sad Farewell

We are firmly in the era of digital imagery now, and most of us are operating with much, much lower resolution than the estimated 20 megapixels to make images of the quality of those old Kodachrome images. I’m glad we all have cameras, glad that our Nedas are borne witness. But I will miss Kodachrome, which connected us simultaneously to the ugliness in this world and, in the same frame, its comprehensive, insistent beauty.

via Kodachrome, the wicked world, and the sunny day | Tech Gear News – Betanews.

Good piece on the demise of Kodachrome. I had the pleasure of shooting many rolls of Kodachrome years ago, and still am amazed at the depth and fidelity of the photos shot on those slides. Like hi-fidelity sound, hi-fidelity images are becoming a thing of the past. As the pace of technology has quickened we have traded quality for speed and ease of use. True stereo hi-fi lost to mediocre MP3 compression. Life-like photography lost to the grainy soft focus phone camera. Have we drifted into a low-res culture?

Windows 7 RC D/Ls End August 15th, Get ’em While They’re Hot

Still on the Windows 7 Beta,? You need to move to the RC and fast. Starting July 1st, the Beta will start to reboot every 2 hrs and expire Aug 1st.

Want to download the RC? The RC download program closes August 15. After that, you won’t be able to get the download, but you can still install the RC and get a key if you need one. (To get a key, just go to the Downloads page and follow the instructions.)

via Windows 7 Release Candidate downloads will end August 15th – Springboard Series Blog – The Windows Blog .

All teknoids everywhere need to grab a copy of this and get it running because you’re going to see it sooner rather than later and you need to get away from XP.