links for 2009-06-10

  • brings mailhandler into OG
    (tags: drupal module)
  • sers are given the option to send an invitation along with a specific role.

    Assigning roles and responsibilities while inviting friends is very important.
    This module gives you the additional flexibility of assigning a role for
    the invitee right at the time of sending the invitation.

    (tags: drupal module)
  • Wysiwyg API allows to use client-side editors (a.k.a. WYSIWYG editors) for editing content. It simplifies installation of editors and allows you to define which editor to use depending on the input format. This module replaces all existing editor integration modules and no other Drupal module is required.
    (tags: drupal module)
  • Synchronisation framework for drupal.
    Basic will include synchronisation options for nodes, users and taxonomy
    (tags: drupal module)
  • (tags: drupal module ie)